iconYou can find the best Huge CSGO Betting Sites List with PROOF to gamble for free with CS:GO items and earn some free skins! This list provides the most popular and best CS:GO Websites like Roulette, Skin Jackpot, 1v1 Arena, Cards, Match, Coin Flips, Fantasy Team, Raffles and Giveaways.  And it also can bring you good profit if you are a smart thinker. If you’re searching for a complete list of CS:GO websites with PROOF, you’ve come to the right place! In order to help find the best CS:GO Free Skins website for you.


BEST Today
CSGOFastService where CS:GO players can try their luck and get awesome skins. Code: 3BFM0L
GamdomCrash game to win CSGO skins. Best for CSGO Crash All times. Code: CSGOGET
CSGO-RaffleSite with skin jackpot, coinflip, and exclusive spin-a-skin game. Free spin every 2 hours!


CSGOBlocksPlaying invest blocks for CSGO skins. CSGOGET5000Here
CSGOLiveCase opening site with custom cases to open. CSGOGET$0.50Here
GOCaseCase opening game with many different case types. CSGOGET$1.65Here
CSGOBIGThe most advanced CSGO gaming platform. CSGOGET$0.50Here
CSGOPolygonRoulette game where you can win credits for skins. CSGOGET100Here
HellcaseBest case opening game with many different case types. CSGOGETWIN$0.60Here
GamdomCrash game to win CSGO skinsCSGOGET500Here
FarmSkinsCase opening game with many different case types. CSGOGET$1.00Here
CSGOFastService where CS:GO players can try their luck and get awesome skins.3BFM0L$0.50Here
HolyBoostThe Future of Case Opening. 11905$1,10Here
CSGORollCrash, Dice and Roulette games for CSGO skins. CSGOGET$0.50 Here
OpenSkinsCS:GO case opening format with unique fair play system.CSGOGET100Here
CSGO-Raffle.comCome and play today to win skins in our medium-sized jackpots!CSGO-RaffleJackpotHere
CSGO-CASEFree and Fast skins, with many games to play, CSGOGETWIN150Here
CSGOBountyWin skins playing roulette, crash, sweeper and more. CSGOGET$0.50Here
CSGOEmpireWin skins playing roulette games. CSGOGET$0.50Here

Free To Start

CSGO sites with offers and bonus codes to get you started for free. No deposit required. Use the code to get free coins, credits, diamonds or eggs to start gambling with.  If you’re just getting started with betting on CSGO skin betting, taking advantage of a free bet is a great way to boost your starting free skins. Most online bookmakers who offer betting on esports will offer you a free bet when you’re sign-in.

Updated List: 20 November 2017

Free To Start

CSGORockitCSGO Crash, Dices and Roulette. Proof HereCSGOGET500
RageCaseGGChoose the perfect case from our curated options. Proof HereGD57JE5LCase
LuckyCasesCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.40
CSGOSpeedRoulette, Coinflip, Blackjack, Crash and more. Proof Here3342BDD66350
CSGOSkinsCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGETWIN$0.45
CaseShotOne of the best Cs Go Case opening website153776$0.30
CSGOPotionUpgrade your CSGO skins now. Proof Here170387$0.20
CSGOWonGGEarn credits to buy CS: GO skins by performing simple tasks. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.50
BattleCrashPlaying CSGO battle crash and win coins for CSGO Skins. Proof HereUWT-22071100
CSGORobotPlaying simple CSGO Roulette for skins. Proof HereCSGOGET250
FPSBigWinDeposit unwanted csgo skins and win big!9A4860100
DrakeLoungePlay with them. Win with them. Proof HereCSGOGET$5.00
CaseRandomOpening Case CSGO with the best skins. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.70
SkinOddsTest your luck and receive expensive skinsCSGOGETCLUBCases
CSGOPulseWin skins playing roulette, Jackpot, Dice and crash games. Proof HereCSGOGET250
CSGOCubeWin skins playing roulette games. CSGOGET100
CSGODerbyThe most unique and fun way of betting CSGO skins Proof HereCSGOGET100
CSGOCoinsGet Coins and cash them out for CS GO Skins. Proof Here Coins
CSGOChanceJoin Main game and win lot skins. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.50
CSGOUpgraderCOMUpgrade and double your CS:GO Skins inventory. Proof HereCSGOGET1000
CSGOMixDouble, Case, Jackpot and other to CSGO Skins50
CSGOBoothCS:GO Skin Gambling with Instant Cashin/Cashout.CSGOGET10
DoremiCaseOpen CSGO cases by the lowest prices.CSGOGET$0.25
DrakeWingPlaying double spin and crash to csgo skin. Proof HereCSGOGET1000
CSGORainWin free CSGO skins, play on csgo coinflip and jackpot. Proof HereCSGOGET10
CSGOKingdomOpen better CSGO cases with CSGOKingdomCSGOGETWINCases
DropGunBuy cases and drop favorite CSGO skins. Proof HereDropGun$1.00
DatDropPlaying CS:GO cases and battles for freeCSGOGETWIN$0.35
CSGOiceCSGO Jackpot, Dices and Roulette. Proof HereCSGOGET$5.00
StrikeDropCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.45
CSGODoubleWin skins playing roulette games. Proof HereCSGOGET250
CSGOTroopDifferent games where you can win CSGO skins. Proof HereCSGOGET100
SkinBoostGGUpgrade your CSGO skins for free. CSGOGET100
EVACSGOThe chance to win a roulette from CSCSGOGET10
CSGO64Complete offers than Open CSGO case. Proof HereCSGOGET250
CSGOHandoutsCSGO Handouts is a verifiably fair CSGO betting site. Proof HereCSGOGET5
SkinsOneDeposit CSGO skins and try your luck.CSGOGET$0.30
KuyCaseCase opening to win CSGO skins. Proof HereCSGOGETWINCase
CSGOTripPlay with Your Friends and Win CSGO Skins. Proof HereCSGOGET100
CSGOAtseRoulette, Crash, Blackjack, Dice and more. Proof HereCSGOGET$1.00
CSGOWobbleCSGOWobble is a csgo roulette site.CSGOGETWIN100
SkinBetPlaying CSGO Roulette, Dice and Jackpot200
CSGOLevelsA brand new Roulette Website designed for CSGO SkinsCSGOGET100
SocietyGGAn exclusive CS:GO betting platform. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.50
OMGDropHere you have chance to get expensive CS:GO skins. Proof Here17310$0.50
CSGOUpgraderGGUpgrade your CSGO Skins for free. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.50
CSGOLowRiskCSGO Jackpot and Coinflip SitesCSGOGETSpins
LuckyNadeThe best place to open cases CS:GO skins. Proof Here$0.40
SkinsProjectWebsite where the player can pay the CSGO bets$1.00
GiftDropYou can open game cases containing decent games on our website.CSGOGETWIN50
FlameCasesCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.30
RoyalDropNew CSGO Case open and shopCSGOGET$0.30
SkinArenaRaffle game using CS:GO items as the bet.2X4RV55R$0.25
CSGOSickLow CS:GO Jackpot and Fast pots. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.10
CaseDropOpen better CSGO casesCSGOGETCases
SkinBananaBest CSGO Bets to wins SkinsCSGOGET1000
CSGOTowerBeat CSGOTower monkey and win CSGO skins. Proof HereCSGOGET50
CSGOTrinityBest simple CS:GO Casino to wins Skins. Proof HereCSGOGET250
RazeCardsThe best CS:GO card scratching service designed for you34539$0.30
CSGO500Wheel of Fortune website. Deposit skins and Win big. Proof HereCSGOGET1000
XHowlPlaying CSGOTower, Double and Coinflip to win CSGO skins.CSGOGET50
UpgradeCSGOSkin Upgrade websites give great odds on upgrading your itemsCSGOGET$0.40
CSGOCrashCrash games for CSGO skins. Proof HereHER-89070100
BetsGGWin skins playing Coinflip and Dice games. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.50
GainkitComplete offers than exchange to CSGO skins. Proof Here10
CSFateTry your luck at CSGO Jackpot for real majors and double your skins.CSGOGET200
SkinUPPlay Up and Roulette to win skins. Proof HereCSGOGET250
SkinSiloEarn points by offers and redeem as CS:GO skins. CSGOGETCLUB250
GitcoinGGEarn credits by watching sponsored content.CSGOGETCoins
CSGOBayCSGO Roulette skins where participants make bets items
CSGOJoeWin free coins and trade to CS:GO skins. Proof Here2621782000
CSGOFairPlayJackpot and roulette games to win skins. Proof HereCSGOGET60
HotUpgradeThe best place to upgrade CSGO Skins. Proof HereCSGOGET$1.00
CaseJump#1 CS:GO Case Opening Site, 1,000,000+ Cases Opened. CAYXGS$1.00
CSGOMassiveDifferent games where you can win CSGO skins. Proof HereXETAJP10
SkinHubCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGETWIN$1.00
CSGettoPlaying CSGO Jackpot, Duel and Roulette for Skins. Proof Here$1.00
CaseDareOur cases give great odds on the best items from the soughtCSGOGET$0.30
KillCaseCases site open and withdraw without deposit!$1.00
DrakemoonCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.45
PvProAll-inclusive CS:GO platform for online Tournaments. Proof HereCSGOGET100
UpgradeGGUpgrade your CSGO skins for free. Proof HereCSGOGETUpgrade
CSGOPokerPoker website with currency as CSGO skinsCSGOGET250
SkinsTownPlaying Jackpot, Roullete and Coinflip to win skins. Proof HereCSGOGET100
CSGONerfUpgrade your CSGO skins with luck. Proof Here$0.25
EcoCSGODifferent games where you can win CSGO skins. Proof Here10
GreenHuntWin skins playing roulette games. Proof HereCSGOGETWIN1000
CSGOExclusiveThe Most Exclusive CSGO Platform. Proof HereCSGOGETWIN$5.00
SkinCasesOpen CS:GO cases with us for less at SkinCases. Proof HereCase
CSGOCupNew style of Roulette with Cups. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.50
VreeCaseHere you can get a big chance to win the Top csgo skins.asNuNH$0.35
GOCaseCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGET$1.65
SkinsGamblingRoulette, Coinflip and Raffles game to CSGO Skins. Proof HereCSGOGET500
DOTAX2Play game, exchange of CSGO and DOTA 2 items. Proof HereCSGOGETWIN100
CSGORacingWin awesome CS:GO skins by playing our mini CSGO racingfb5c6f30
WTFSkinsOur upgrades give great odds on upgrading your items. Proof HereCSGOGETCLUB$0.40
CSGOPointsComplete tasks/offers to earn points . Redeem for skins. Proof Here10
OpenCSGOBest cases with rare skins here. Proof Here$1.00
CSGONyfeModern CSGO Roulette to win CSGO SkinsCSGOGET10000
EmerlaldGGThe best site to open CS:GO cases. Proof HereCSGOGETREF$0.50
SkinWindOpen cases and win CS:GO skins.CSGOGET$1.00
CSGOFiestaCSGOFiesta is an exclusive raffle Jackpot, Coinflip and 30MaxCSGOGETPoints
SkinAMPUpgrade your CSGO Skins. Proof HereCSGOGETUpgrade
SkinJokerJackpot, Coin Flip and Binary game site. Proof Here2EFMGQAQ$0.25
HappyCSGOCase opening game with many different case types.Cases
BeastSkinsUnbox and withdraw the skins you actually wantCSGOGET$0.70
WildCaseWildcase offers an amazing user experience to win skins. Proof HereCSGOGETCLUBCase
CSGOArenaCSGOArena is Roulette and Coin Flip site.$0.50
IdleEmpireComplete surveys and get your CSGO skins for free. Proof Here50
SkinsDreamGGWin dream skins CSGO and double your inventory value.CSGOGET50
DealSkinsCase opening game with many different case types. Proof HereCSGOGET$0.45
MewKeysGet CS:GO keys by firing cats with a bazookaCSGOGET$5.00

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