CS: GO live is a popular opening page that appeals to many players. It is known for its valuable cases, which are much better than those found at Valve in CS: GO. With these cases, you actually have the chance to make more money than you put into them. They have a lot of fun, cool cases that are tempting to open. This is because the cases contain only good prey. If you pay $ 50 for a case, you will not receive a useless skin worth $ 0.1. As a rule, you will achieve much better results. We personally liked to play on this website.

When you visit the website for the first time, the setup is very simple. In the top bar we see their logo along with the latest winners and what they have received from a case. Below, they seem to label what they call cases where users can pay to view their own case. As with creating a case, you will receive a commission for each person who opens your case. Below is the default lobby setup for cases ranging from $ 460 to $ 0.12.

CSGOLive also offers VGO and vIRL cases. VGO are blockchain-based articles that are intended to be collected, traded and are not subject to trading restrictions. VGO products are designed to mimic the trading experience of popular games, but without limitations. It’s basically a virtual CSGO article replacement that does not exist in any game. In addition, they also offer vIRL cases that seem to be a little bit trendy at the moment. It’s the opening of a case, but with real-life things like sneakers, game clothes, or clothing. They all have a set value, so you can decide at any time whether to send these items to your home or sell them as skins on a marketplace.

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